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Four Track Monophonic Chiptune Sequencer

Turn your iPad into a chiptune workstation. Complete with bandlimited user defined 4-bit 32 sample wavetables, for that crunchy retro goodness. Moby Chip is easy to use and a boatload of fun.

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Fantastic — Obo Wurx

Instant buy! — Marco Herrarte

This is awesome. You've done an amazing job with this! — Nico Reuel

I spent hours making music on my AMIGA, back in the day. Thanks for this APP. — alleykat

A masterpiece of its kind. - The complete package: sexy, smart, funny, and an excellent cook. — littlewoodg

Holy jeebus, I just found this app and it’s insane. It’s EXACTLY what I’ve been craving on iOS. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!!! — cenz music

Worth it. - This is the better end of the stick. In other words, It’s absolutely amazing. I have had a lot of interest in remaking 8-bit music, so I scraped together 8 dollars and bought this. And I have to say: AN APP LIKE THIS IS WORTH ITS PRICE. So if you’re into making chip tune music buy this it’s perfect and worth the price. — scooba17

Best chip app. - I was caught off guard by this one and bought it instantly. iOS has a serious lack of quality chip tune tools and Moby Chip is a HUGE step in the right direction for chip tune enthusiasts and makers. Everything is intuitive, and if you need, the manual is easily accessible right up top. My only request would be to have the option of playing it with a MIDI keyboard, as I could see myself using this as part of my live electronic/chip/ambient sets. Oh! And maybe to be able to load it as an AUV into something like Cubasis or AUM. But even if these never happen it doesn’t change the fact that this is a great sounding, great looking, and great quality app. I hope Dan keeps this one fresh, maybe even puts out some stand alone chip synths/drum machines...? Congratulations!!!!!! I’ll be telling everyone so know about this. — Always Don't Mess With Me

Amazing Tunes and Sound FX

Four tracks and an easy to use sequencer empowers you to create amazing songs, beats, and sound effects. Moby Chip features exports with sample accurate timing for use in your favorite DAW.


Instruments Editor
  • Fully digital signal path (It's software)
  • Monophonic - 1 voice per track
  • User Defined 4-bit 32 sample Wavetables
  • ADSR (Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release)
  • Vibrato (Delay, Amount, Rate)
  • Pitch Shift (+/- octave)
  • Ring Modulation (Amount, Rate)
  • Pitch Sweep (Up/Down/Off, Rate)
  • Low and High Pass Filters (Amount, Low, High, Res)
Song Editor
  • Sample accurate timing
  • A Song can have up to 256 Phrases
  • 32 Instruments per Song
  • 128 Phrases per Song
  • 4 Tracks per Phrase
  • Song Tempo
  • Song Volume
Notes Editor - Sequencer
  • 4 Tracks
  • Phrase length 1-8 measures
  • Loop Phrase and Loop Screen
  • Track Volume
  • Phrase Tempo
  • Up to 128 steps per Phrase
  • Swipe Up/Down for Sharp/Flat
Notes - Each note can be uniquely edited
  • Instrument
  • Octave
  • Volume
  • Glide (Portamento)
  • Pan (Center, Right, Left, Delay-R, Delay-L)
  • Chord effect (12 semi-tones each)
  • Trill (+/- 12 semi-tones, Rate)
Keys Editor (Piano/Stylo)
  • Instrument
  • Octave
  • Volume
  • Glide (Portamento)
  • Pan (Center, Right, Left, Delay-R, Delay-L)
  • Chord effect (12 semi-tones each)
  • Trill (+/- 12 semi-tones, Rate)
Files Menu
  • Save/Load .moby files
  • Load only the Instruments from a .moby file
  • Audio Export formats (.wav, .m4a, .caf, ringtone)
  • Export Songs (select which tracks to export)
  • Export Phrases (select which tracks to export)
  • Exports are located in Apple Files App
  • M1 Mac Exports, see section 11.9 in the manual

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